Our products

Trompenburg's brands are relatively new names but already now known around the globe. Our brands are built on consumer needs and expectations, offering exceptional quality and value. Some of our competitors brands are decades - or even centuries - old, and many are leaders in their respective categories.


We challenge these old brands with fresh, new brand propositions that stand out from the crowd.
Brands that really make a difference!



Barkleys is a range of tastefully intense mints which are packed in beautiful tins. Available in various flavors: Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lquorice and Wintergreen. A unique intense mint in a very attractive classic tin!



Under the Daybreak brand, we supply various types of fantastic fruit candy products, such as Citrus Mints, Hard Fruit Candy as well as Soft Fruit Chew Candy. Only natural fruit flavours are used.



Montisse original Swiss herb pastilles are a range of high quality Swiss herb candies, made according to a traditional Swiss recipe.
Refreshing, tasteful and pleasant to mouth and throat. Montisse herb candies contain 20 carefully selected herbs and are enriched with Vitamin C. Unlike other Swiss herb candies, Montisse herb pastilles are packed in beautiful stylish tins for optimal protection of the product.



The Sure! brand offers high quality candy products for all age groups, both adults and children.
Under the Sure! brand, we supply various types of mainstream candy products, such as sugar free mints, soft fruit chew candy, cool mints in sachets, as well as a range of crispy chewy dragees in rolls.


Tuttle is a range of classic English-style confectionery products, such as traditional fudge, after dinner mints, chocolate mints, etc. Only the finest ingredients, such as high quality dark chocolate, are used in Tuttle’s Fine Classic English-Style Products.



Under the YOOZ brand, we supply various types of natural fruit candy products, such as Fruit Hearts, Fruit Gummy Bears and Fruit Gummies. Only natural fruit flavours and colours are used, so no artificial flavours and colours.



YOR is a range of candy products made with yogurt. Delicious candy products made with real dried yogurt and natural fruit flavours.